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Help Desk Journal

Fri Jan 13, 2017, 3:33 AM
Just an journal for help you!
Any doubt about Deviantart
About art career
About some art tecnique
You can ask me!
Ill do my best for help you!

Izapug luv yu <3

Hard decisions

Wed Jan 4, 2017, 9:58 AM
Hello Everyone!
How are you?
So, for me... the most hard decision in my life was that:
Stopping to use devianrtart for getting focus in my comic project.
Im almost finishing the first 2 charapters from the comic and you know
how Im want make it so perfect for you read.
So, Ill contract someone for make an professional website for the comic
also someone for translate the comic in 4 languages : Portuguese / English / Spanish & French
Yes. Its a lot stuff  to do and make it professional.
//Also working on portfolio & daily tradicional artwork//

Yes. A lot stuff.
Im doing my best!
hahah XD

yes, I didnt make much digital artwork anymore.
Im getting focus in the tradicional media.
Digital just for fix somethings...
but I really belive its an tool.

Well, Ill publish some tradicional art Im publishing here sometime :)

ps: I luv yu all.
thx so much for the patience with me <3

Merry Christmans!

Sat Dec 24, 2016, 5:30 AM
Hello everyone!
How are you?
Miss you guys. Really.
Im here for wishing you an happy Christmans
and an Happy new year!
Guys. I have so many news I want to share to you all in Janeary
hehehe <3
So, hold on and be eye on my news! ahah <3

Im more Active on my Instagram and Facebook, if you
want talk with me ;)
links on my profiline <3
luv yu all <3
never forget that

Feature Talented Artists / Week 15

Wed Nov 9, 2016, 9:36 AM

WEEK 15!

Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?

Berserk of the East by Ludimie
Home Prints by WolfSkullJack Devil's Crush by AndieCris Final Fantasy 8 : Inktober 19, 2016 by aaronminier Inktober day 18: Escape by drachenmagier Little mouse with wild berries- Inktober 15 by anakareninartHowl and Sophie by janey-jane
Perpetual by skulldog + Suicidal Dreams + by MroczniaK [Inktober] 07 Reaper by DamaiMikaz Boss of the forest - watercolor by NadiavanderDonk Eyes by Abz-J-HardingSay you love me by wolf-minori
Oak's Melancholy by Radittz Lancelaux by oxboxer Kusanagi by toniinfante Uruunaz by beastofoblivion Comm - Gwen by Vaahlkult Experience by morteraphan The Moonlit Prince by playfurryAll Grown Up by LhuneArt

Mythfoxy - some news.

Wed Oct 26, 2016, 8:58 AM
Hello everyone!
Really like to apologize for disappearing like that.
I really did not want to have been so far
and for me this is very difficult to manage my time,
my projects and commissions by facebook.

Basically, I feel super charged work and somehow have to account for everything to work. / And I know I am able to do this! /

Well, I would say that I will return to work in mythfoxys.
However, sales and publications on the same will be made only on a weekday.
I decided that every Thursday we will have some sale (auction sale or fixed price) of mythfoxys.
Only Thursday. 24hours sales.
The guide of Mythfoxys Betas (in which I had lost in archives)
I am resuming and adding new data. No forecast for launch,
because I'm working on it in my spare time.
Again, I would like to thank all the pasciencia and love me.
Is not very easy to deal with a lot of responsibility ... But .. nothing worthwhile in life is easy!
So, I will continue working and even Thursdays to news and mythfoxys!

Keep Motivate

Mon Oct 24, 2016, 8:22 AM
Most-motivation-quotes by IzaPugMotivation-010-04292013 by IzaPug
213396af5acdda635230bd315257118f by IzaPug1054115183-Motivational-Quotes-For-Work-Wallpaper by IzaPugMotivation-Picture-Quote-New-People by IzaPug
Study-motivation-hacks by IzaPug
835862f92de4430441f667c2510e3059 by IzaPug

//I build this motivate journal for you guys! :D 
I found those motivate quotes on google... //derp//
But,helps me a lot.
and for sure, il help you too!


Mon Oct 17, 2016, 6:14 AM

i know im busy and sometimes I dont have time
for draw and submit my artwork here...
thx so much
Im always so glad to have you all in my life.

Big Project

Tue Oct 11, 2016, 2:17 PM
Hello everyone!
I am happy to see you, really!
I would say that I am grateful to you for your patience with me.
I her how much you are crazy to see my art again, see me again active here ...
But I really am in a great personal project with my comic.
Basically, do not direct a film in two. Me and my twin sister are doing the impossible happen and hopefully in January, already beginning to show results.
I'm excited because we are going on a few final steps and make this project become very interesting for you readers.
  (Yes, we are contacting translators, web professionals etc.)

but I'm here to thank you.
because you are a big reason for my effort.
I'm doing this for you.

luv yu all

Mythology Contest - WINNERS

Mon Oct 3, 2016, 12:00 PM by IzaPug:iconizapug:

Mythology Contest WINNERS

Mythology Contest - Winners!

First, I would like to thank all participants of the contest!
You have managed to produce incredible pieces of art in a short time (and this was part of the challenge. Heh)

 I'd like to remind you what this contest is about before announcing the winners.
The major reason we made a contest with the theme of mythology is so you can share your interpretation of the culture/myths from where you live.
Today we see how the mythology will always influence us, as classical mythology.
But we also realize that we are also shaped by the myths and legends that surround us.
  "Mythology are public dreams, dreams are private myths" - Joseph Campbell.

Now, the moment that everyone has waited for..

:star:The winners!:star:

1 PLACE lapaowanWIN 3 MONTHS CORE MEMBERSHIPcommunityrelations 
2 PLACE Iduna-HayaWIN 1 MONTH CORE MEMBERSHIPcommunityrelations 


Mythology Contest - World Myths

Mon Sep 26, 2016, 10:00 AM by IzaPug:iconizapug:

World Mythology


The greatest source of inspiration for all artists in all ages.
We can observe how mythology is an important pillar for many branches of artistry, in theaters, in the comics, literature. 
The mythology is never dead and never stops influencing us.
However, the world is full of mythology.
Not only the Greek, Norse and Egyptian, in which are the most impactful, mythology and stories can come from all around the world.
The purpose of this contest is to share the mythology and tales of your country.
Tell us all about the mythology of your country from your perspective!

:star: RULES & Judging:star:
:bulletblue:Participants can make their deviations in any art form:bulletblue:
.Digital Art
.Traditional Art
.Artisan Crafts
.Fiction Prose
    :bulletpurple:All tell us about the mythology of your country on your perspective but only one entry per deviant:bulletpurple:
:matteo: Be creative! Study mythology and show to us :matteo:
:bulletpurple: All the Deviations made for this contest has to be 
linked in the comments of the contest journal by Friday,
September 30th at 11:59 pm PST
:bulletblack: Contest ends ON THIS WEEKEND (YES. You have ONE week for make your entry!) :bulletblack:

:bulletblue:Deviations will be judged on creativity and coherence with the theme :bulletblue:

:star: PRIZES :star:
1ºPlace 3 months Core by communityrelations 
2ºPlace 1 month Cor by communityrelations 
Good luck in the contest!

Feature Talented Artists! WEEK14

Fri Sep 16, 2016, 7:10 AM

WEEK 14!

Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?

The Nightbringers by anrasmus  - Arcanum XI (11) - Justice - by Losenko Afternoons whisper by AuroraWienholdAurora Eyed Goddess - Copic Markers Proccess by The-Nonexistent Lady of the Golden Forest by MeredithDillman Deercat by deerfox-art AT for White-Rose-Brian by Ritusss
Jaguar : Pastel on pastelmat paper by wimke
Art Nouveau by Crystal--ArtRotmilan by windfalcon Sketch on demonhead by Heri-Shinato Tribute to Galyx - Get Rekt by Flimbees Tokyo Ghoul by orangesekaii
Smews in Winter by LisaPannek
Noveau Kalas by Kalas11
Princess Mononoke by Enijoi Captain Harlock by Kureiyah Fuzz by kerravi Frost Varus by Kureiyah Black wolf by ZakraArt
Alolan Marowak by Autlaw
First Flight by CPoring

IzaPug supports you!

Hiatus for major problems

Mon Sep 5, 2016, 6:33 AM
In fact, I came through that in a hiatus here on DA, but not because I really want.
I'm really running after the things necessary to publish my comic and make a comic website I'm doing.
(Telling what I'm doing promotional, arts to the site and commissions ... that is, are things not just in one afternoon you do)
Even in two people (I work in partnership with my twin sister FerAdami ) does not come out as fast as we would like it to be.
Great things take time to be made.
And really we want it well done for comic readers.

Ok, apart from that ...
Serious problems occurred in recent days with a person
very dear in my family. Of course I'm willing to help
what I can.
This see me taking the focus and making me a little tense.
What I had been doing to put on social media now
more than ever, I'll be a little quiet and the willingness to
help my family.

I know I said I wanted to do the mythfoxys again ...
I imagine that you would like to see a new species coming from me
to auction or know it ... for anything ...
But I'm not really in my mind and head straight for it.
I just want to draw and focus on projects that I have already consolidated
and focus on helping my family for now.

I'm sorry
and I hope you understand


Feature Talented Artists! WEEK13

Tue Aug 30, 2016, 2:35 PM

WEEK 13!

Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?


<da:thumb id="618137729"/>  jiang bao - goulong myo entry by inolesco March Into the Sea by Winzer 300 points ig by Dragon-desu Water cares about nature by Hocrea Fire alone will save our clans by ScotchmintQueen thorn by velocirapioca A Prickly Pear by sqacebolt  :: Gimme Gimme Gimme The Truth Now :: by ARSONlST Dta Entry Leopard by Ozawells Come on! by SpriteSplash Veneziano by CartoonCaster21 Flower by Akonis Awake when I'm Asleep by Sarn-Elyren
Duranda by TacoSauceNinja
Roark color study -Takas- by Scarlet-Harlequin-N Impundulu by TentaclesandTeeth Cheshire-Cat by PuNK-A-CaT  clause !  by calamityusagi 3 Mass Effect Marines Brute Fight by MyCKs The Gray Prince by Oddeum Clea and Eilian by Abz-J-Harding
Midnigh Queen [ V I R U S ] by MinemikoMali
Fauna by Lovell-Art
Zodiac: Pisces by Gypsy-Rae - Cthulhu - by AustenMengler The Raven and the Cat by BenBASSO Noctis Lucis_Final Fantasy XV by Deilson Vines by Sunima
Antelone by Yami-Hydran
Sphinx by LhuneArt Our winter by sayuuhiro Rianon Se by Widdershins-Works Reflection's Desire by Darkavey Winter by TehChan After school by iVANTAO
Eevee and Pikachu by Yuuza

IzaPug supports you!

Feature Talented Artists! WEEK12

Mon Aug 22, 2016, 2:36 PM

WEEK 12!

Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?


Frost Princess by meomeongungu 
love letter by Lovepeace-S Petals by Teaserdkakaos aceo card by cicadellaJackdaw Faerie by MistiqueStudioSonata for Celia by meomeongungu

Leopard by elinkalo 014/365 - Take Me Where the Wind Lives. by NesoKaiyoH Sumatera Tiger by toniart57
The same by IrenaDem
Victor - the Knight by PearlgraygalleryLucky Black by Tir-GoldenessI dare you by Jack-Norisk

Together With You by JunSoulsilver
they are still here by o-w-l-y Shyness in blue by blackBanshee80 Happy Bday Sou by Kanekiru [Close-Up] Dies Irae: Phantatiom Elements by muddymelly Howl's moving Castle by SillyJellie
Commission : Eternelle by Darkavey

IzaPug supports you!

Feature Talented Artists! WEEK11

Wed Aug 10, 2016, 2:44 PM

WEEK 11!

Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?


Steampunk Carousel Fox by MysticReflections
[C] MieuChan by Poch4N Smaugust 5 by thedancingemu Pure by tiqeress The Death of The Little Mermaid by HeatherHitchman  Peek-a-Ryuu by Kilioka [Pouflon] I Dream Of Summer by LusomniaPersian Cheetah by Leogon
Blush Rose (MYO Yenomi Contest) by Kojireru Alolan Ninetales by TeaKitsune On Ship Board by Flibertyjibbeth Smaugust day 8 by Kamakru(+VIDEO PROCESS) Show me how you've grown up by Y-GabyT
Revery by Calmality In your face by michellenguyen68 to the kind person in the future. by heriumu-kaji ..::Butterfly Queen::.. by MroczniaK Mrawri Ref (Anthro Form) by ApivoThe Red Fox by LahmiaRaven

Blind wolf going the wrong way, rabbits surviving by TrollcreaK Hokage Naruto x Kurama by Uzucake SA | KATARINA by franknsteins Alolan ninetales family by Natx-chan HEARTLINES by lunarblues
Art Trade : Haize by DarkaveyFullmetal Alchemist Fanart by HeySpace

IzaPug supports you!

Feature Talented Artists! WEEK10

Tue Aug 2, 2016, 4:18 PM

WEEK 10!

OMG! WEEK 10! *^* 
Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?


Sharkyy by LaurastarArtt<da:thumb id="625578199"/> Star Chibi (Birthday Gift for Ghiraham-Sandwich) by PierrotPuppetry Taurus 1 by Yodeling-Lions(OUTDATED) by AzuiriDistance Aside. by GRAYH0UND
:: So Glide Away On Soapy Heels :: by ARSONlST DTA waterdog entry by xPhoenixCat Golden Goddess by BerryLemons


mix INSTAGRAM 01Aug 2016 by rogercruz Steam punk fashion study 2 by orangedk Show Jumper by Paul-Shanghai +Eye of the Season+ by larienne
Hac Vo Thuong by cantieuhy
Willow Waters: Inks by Ahkward comm by otoimaiSnowy Gaze by 7x77Venom Spaceknight Cover 13  Pencils and Inks Combo by Spacefriend-KRUNK- Commission - Two witches - by Losenko


Mon Petite Prince 2016 by blackBanshee80
Jon Snow by TOYDREAMER Calamity Queen by MartaNaelMad Max Study [1,5 hours] by MithrilArtsLots of Foxes by JessieDrawz #302 by Pepperoonie
Memory by LhuneArt Twilight Aurora Auction (closed) by tyronniesaur I play to win!! by Cyarin
Tempest by ELK64

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Cooking Art - Tips for Artists

Mon Jul 25, 2016, 3:17 PM
~How to order a commission and how to serve a customer~

Cooking and draw are very similar on many points.
You see a very attractive plate of food in a pamphlet or
in some disclosure in social media and soon feel like experience that food.
After all, food image have convinced you it's delicious.
What is not very different from the art.
When you see an art that you like much of the artist's style,
It doesn't take long for you to think in wanting to buy something from this artist.
But, as well as food, the picture is not sold alone.
Image was an important bond to convince you to go to the restaurant behind the plate of food.
(As do you go after the artist)

When I was traveling a few weeks ago, we were in a restaurant indicated by the hotel.
The location of the restaurant was great, we could have dinner watching the sunset, the excellente food, but a lousy customer service.
The waiters were very impolite and rude to customers.
This is very similar to many artists.
They can be great artists, viewing and than art always indicated, but often their calls is bad customer.
What is logical. Because they are indicated and always displayed, they will not waste time and meeting all consumers.
They will serve well those who pay more who looks like has more status than you.
And of course, you wouldn't  come back in this restaurant. Even the food is excellent.

The next day, we went to another restaurant.
This in turn, was a well-hidden restaurant.
So much so that the first, you did not even realize it was a restaurant.
The location of the restaurant was not very privileged, we couldn't see where we were for the sun, the food was very tasty, but a EXCELLENT service.
The waiters were so engaging and attentive, which made you feel home.
remember that the day we were in this restaurant, it was cold.
One of the waiters took care to bring blankets for a lady and a child sat at the next table.
Again, like art, sometimes you can be an artist who is not so displayed and few people know them.
But if your service is warm and you know engaging with your customer, it will come back. Not only for your  art.

Now, when you go into a restaurant, and expect to be well received,
I believe all also expect to receive exactly what they asked for to eat, right?
For example, I ask mac cheese for the Chef and paid to eat it.
When I am served, give me pasta bolognese.
Of course. I would complain to the chef. After all, it was not what I asked.

It is not very different from art.
I see many cases of artists who do commissions whose client asks for
it a specific thing (mac cheese) and the artist another delivery (pasta bolognese).
But unlike a restaurant ...
Many don't complain for your order has been wrong.
What should complain, after all you paid to have this commission and another thing was delivered.
And artist, keep in mind : that it is not because you prefer to make pasta bolognese that you will serve your customer with this.
Serve your customer with what he asked ( mac cheese ).
Even you don't like to do this, but your customer asked, so... Do it! Be professional.

Otherwise, neither had opened a "restaurant", open a business to do just what you want, it does not work.
Nobody does just what they want all the time.
Working with illustration is you have fun drawing many things you don't like most of the time.
Also, sometimes you can even change your mind and realize that like to draw it
(As my case with perspective).

As client: Learn require you asked for the artist.
No matter how friendly the artist are or how famous the artist is. It is your right, you are paying.
You are not being annoying to demand your rights.
 These hours, you discover that the person you are hiring is professional.

It is not wrong you order a meal, be welcome and experience the food and do not like the dish.
The same goes for art. It is not wrong you do not like a commission you have paid.
Just don't go as you planned, and you don't the right to be rude to the artist.

It isn't wrong to say you don't know or aren't able to accomplish what the client is asking for.
After all you are being fair. Ever you go in an Italian restaurant ask to serve you sushi.
Know your limits and what you have to offer to its customers

Sometimes people can't see how obvious these things are.
They may look different services, food and art.
But the principles are the same.

Feature Talented Artists! WEEK9

Fri Jul 22, 2016, 1:20 PM


Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?
Forest king by Anisis
Coverwork by Foxi-LoxyCard Art - The Jack of Clubs by wylielise raincloud girl by koyamori Raven guy by eoghankerrigan commission - moth by drachenmagier
<da:thumb id="622992223"/> Romp by 7x77 Prince Staralfur by Kojireru Oil by Abz-J-Harding Drake by AaronMiller
AGONY, All he could PERCEIVE... by Abz-J-Harding

Painting a Little Star by PANDAMADU Tanuki Samurai by KarolyneRocha Cat 13 by GreyHues Soul of the Dragon by PercevancheArsi Jahl by Claparo-Sans


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Feature Talented Artists! WEEK8

Wed Jul 13, 2016, 8:22 AM


Star! All week will feature artists Star!
What is the reason?
simply I believe that we are all artists!
no matter display number or comments,
what matters is our passion for art. 
Im Right?

Cey - 2 by Claparo-Sans Fox Spirit by MikaiSakura adventures of a scribe by drachenmagier Tribute to Galyx - You Slimy Little-! by Flimbees BATMAN pencils by rogercruz
What if by DavidDeb RR ZAC 1 by nidoriko :. Daenerys Stormborn of House Targeryan .: by HokoriCupcake ..::MeLodY::.. by MroczniaK Nami Koi version by fiorellasantana
Notebook CM for Milky-sensei by Ritusss
Howl - Steps by Claparo-Sans
Samurai by Stetsubi-111 Okami headshot by ZakraArt AT: He is beauty he is grace by Pepperoonie Waterbender (GA) by NinjaKato Firefly Keeper by Radittz Ramuken Auction: Star of the Mystic  (Closed) by faios
HORDE by SirWendigo

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TradicionalArt Commission Open

Fri Jul 8, 2016, 9:11 AM

Bullet; Purple Cute Draws Bullet; Purple 

.Tradicional Art (Pencil or Ink lines) colored (color pencil + Copic Markers) -$20.00 or 2000Points
Comission Shivaari by IzaPug
Tradicional Art (Pencil or Ink lines) colored (watercolor) - $30.00 or 3000Points
Princess Tiger - Card by IzaPug

Bullet; Purple Semi realist draws Bullet; Purple 

.Tradicional Art (Pencil or Ink lines) without color + add extra detail (optional)- $10 or 1000Points
Dragon Ink by IzaPug WIP - Dragon by IzaPug
.Tradicional Art (Pencil or Ink lines) colored (color pencil + Copic Markers) + add extra detail (optional)-$40.00 or 4000Points
Stained Glass by IzaPug Forest Prince by IzaPug

.Tradicional Art (Pencil or Ink lines) colored (watercolor + Copic Markers + Color Pencil) + add extra detail (optional)-$60.00 or 6000Points

Spring Fairy by IzaPug